Holy Trinity Messages from Heaven

Beloved Shelley Anna 

Messages from Heaven 

Dear Heavenly Father 

Bless us with discernment and understanding 

as we receive these Messages from Heaven 

Grant us the wisdom that only you can provide 

In Jesus name we pray 


Let us unite our prayers 

for the prayer request that are in the comments below 

Thank you 








Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the Divine Power of God,
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.




















Messages from Heaven given to Beloved Shelley Anna on the 29th day of June 2022

A Message from The Lord
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Elohim says.

My Beloved Ones
Receive The shower of My Blessings that I bestow upon you this day.

Beloved ones.
Mirror my image this day, casting my reflection of love ,and mercy ,upon humanity ,that is perishing in darkness.

chaos will strike the hearts of many. This will be a time of persecution. Civil unrest will be subdued by a world wide martial law. Lands will be conformed by communism ,under the appearance of concern ,of the welfare of humanity. A mark of convenience ,will then be implemented ,upon those who have been altered ,by inoculations.

Order and domination ,will follow ,as the kingdom of the antichrist is established.
My beloved ones
There is little time, awaken from your slumber. Have I not warned you of these things?
[ 1 ]. { Matthew 24 }.

It is most urgent to return to daily repentance and communion with me through prayer. I have not abandoned you, I love you, and wish that none should perish. My unconditional love for you is unending. Come under My Fount of Mercy ,that is poured out for all.
Thus saith, The Lord.

A Message from Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother,
adorned in radiant light says.

My beloved children,
Now in this moment, prepare your hearts for my Son, who calls you to holiness. Repent ,and step away ,from the filthy perversions, of this world ,that is passing into darkness.
My children
Mirror my Son’s image, casting his reflection of love ,and mercy ,upon this depraved generation.
My children
I call you to prayer
Pray for your country
Pray for one another
Pray for the conversion of sinners
Pray for the souls that are in peril
Let your prayers be without ceasing
Pray my Rosary of Light ,that blinds your enemies ,and expels the darkness ,that surrounds you.
My children ,the hour is late.
My Son will soon come as The Just Judge.
Come under my mantle, taking refuge in my Son’s Sacred Heart.
My children
Remember always my promises, and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith, Your Loving Mother.

A Message from Saint Michael the Archangel

As the feathers of wings overshadow me, I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say.

Beloved ones, of our Lord and Savior, Receive the Blessings of the Lord ,that rain down from Heaven ,this day.

Return to the Holy Hearts of Our Lord ,and Our Blessed Mother. Receive the urgent graces and mercy ,that is being poured out for this generation, to aid you , in the perilous times ,you are now entering into.

People of God
It is most urgent ;to make ready your hearts.
A conformity of Order ,will soon dominate your countries, as the kingdom of the antichrist is being established.

Perilous appearances in the heavens ,will be seen by all ,as the firmament begins to recede.
Solar flares intensify ,causing blackouts in various places.
Mens hearts ,will faint with fear ,looking after these things.

People of God
Fear not! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. has not given you a spirit of fear.
For be hold
his triumphant victory is close at hand!

Beloved ones ,of Our Lord and Savior, your redemption is assured.
Continue to mirror ,Our Lord and Savior’s Love ,and Mercy ,upon this depraved generation.

People of God
Watch and pray, Never abandoning your post.
Let your prayers be without ceasing.
Pray for one another.
Pray for your country.
Pray for souls in peril, that know not the Love of God.
Pray for the conversion of sinners.
Pray, beloved ones,
For that unknown hour is close at hand.

Acknowledge your Guardian Angels ,who will lead you to safety ,during these perilous times.

Continue to prepare your provisions, for you and your loved ones, and those in need. Trust in Our Lord and Savior, who is your provider. Keep with you always, blessed objects of faith ,that hinders the activity of evil, that opposes ;and comes against you.
Do not abandon Our Blessed Mother’s Rosary of Light ,that blinds your enemies, and keeps darkness at bay.

I stand ready ,with multitudes of angels ,to defend you ,from the wickedness and snares, of the devil ,who’s days are few in number.
Thus saith, Your Watchful Defender.

  A Message from The Lord Given to Beloved Shelley Anna 

Link for this video is provided below 


Messages from Heaven given to Beloved Shelley Anna on the 26th day of June 2022.

Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, Elohim says.

My Sacred Heart ,that is full of mercy ,shines down upon the repentant heart. Come under My Fount of Mercy ,that is poured out for all. I am Your Merciful Savior, who will soon come as The Just Judge.
Make ready your hearts, consecrating them to mine. For the hour is late.
I have not abandoned you ,My Beloved Ones, The way has been made, I am a lamp unto your feet, revealing the Salvation that can only be attained through My Sacred Heart. I love you ,and wish that none should perish.
Thus saith ,The Lord.

A Message from Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother, adorned in radiant light says.

My Beloved Children

The blood of the innocent cry out, and have reached Father God’s ears. Your lands are drenched in the blood of the innocent , reparations must be made for these offenses.
Return to prayer, many Rosaries must be prayed faithfully , offering up every moment as a sacrifice in recompense for these wrongful actions.
My children
Do not abandon My Rosary of Light.
Remember always my promises ,and let your prayers be without ceasing.
Thus saith ,Your Loving Mother.

A Message from Saint Michael the Archangel

As the feathers of wings overshadow me, I hear Saint Michael the Archangel say.

Most Beloved people of Our Lord and Savior, receive the Blessings that flow forth from his Sacred Heart.

People of God
As the prince of the heavenly host, I implore you ,to Return to prayer offering up every prayer and work, and every joy and sorrow ,for the remission of sins ,and conversion of sinners.


The cunningness and craftiness of Satan is an alluring trap. Do not be deceived by this modern world. Technology will be used against you, as it advances towards the mark of the beast ,and the kingdom of darkness. The altered ones, who serve the beast, will bring about civil unrest, and communism. The altered ones have enter mingled and become one ,with Satan. They usher in the reign of the antichrist ,through their worship of his image.


People of God
You are not of this world, separate yourselves from this world that is passing into darkness ,and walk in the light of God’s Love.
Continue to mirror The Image of Our Lord and Savior ,upon this depraved generation ,who knows not the love of God.

People of God
Do not go into battle with incomplete armor, put on the whole armor of God, wielding your spiritual weapons ,in prayerful hands. Stand courageous behind the Shield of Faith. Your adversary ,the devil ,seeks the ruin of your souls. Do not allow any unrepentant sin ;in your life , to become a tool ,in which Satan can use against you.

People of God
Do not abandon Our Blessed Mother’s Rosary of Light ,that blinds your enemies ,and keeps darkness at bay.

I stand ready ,with multitudes of Angels ,to defend you ,from the wickedness and snares ,of the devil ,who’s days are few in number.
Thus saith, Your Watchful Defender.








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Theresa Santoro
a month ago

What is the Rosary of Light?!

Őri-Kiss István
a month ago

Dear Shelley Anna!
Dear beloved Catholic Brothers and Sisters from all over the world!

We appeal to you with an urgent, soul- and life-saving mission.

From Budapest, Hungary, we ask for your urgent intercessory prayers for the construction of the Chapel of Atonement of the Victorious Queen of the World.

The chapel, if constructed, will be a place of atonement for the whole world, as requested by Our Lady in a private revelation in 1940 through Sister Nathalie (1901-1992). It is a worldwide movement of reconciliation or expiation which must start in Hungary and must be spread all over the world.

This Chapel of Atonement is the forerunner of the Message of the Flame of Love received by Mrs. Elisabeth Kindelman in the 1960s and approved by Cardinal Péter Erdő in 2000.

The word of the Lord Jesus to Sister Nathalie:

"As salvation came forth from the stable of Bethlehem, so shall come forth My great work from Hungary: the abolition of sins, the sanctification of souls, the casting down of Satan, My victory.
The Hungarian people will win My favour. For the reverence and love for My Mother. Because of the atonement of Hungary, I am ready to have mercy on the whole world!"

"I want the good fragrance of atonement rise up to My Heart from the Hungarian country and to permeate the whole world. .."

Our Virginal Mother's requests:

"May the Church prepare for Me a place where I may descend with My graces to call to conversion My dear sinful children throughout the world."

The chapel was first planned to be built in 1944, but World War II thwarted the project. In 1947, with the approval of our Venerable Cardinal József Mindszenty, construction was restarted, but was stopped and demolished by the communist regime. Now a world war is threatening again, and again we are in the last moment to get it constructed!

In January 2023, our Cardinal Péter Erdő and the local authorities approved the construction of the Chapel of Atonement.

Although the original chapel cannot be built now, this solution was found after lengthy negotiations (in consultation between the ecclesiastical and secular authorities). As it is a nature preservation area, only such a small "Bethlehem stable" can be built, as the ecclesiastical and civil authorities see it accordingly. There is also great division among the atonement faithful over this matter, many of whom want a bigger, nicer chapel, according to the original plan. That is why we ask for your prayers.

Let us offer our prayers together, offer novena and fasting, so that the Chapel of Atonement can finally be constructed!

If you wish to donate, you can do so on this account:

Account holder: Budapest XII. district Hegyvidéki Önkormányzat
Számlaszám: 12001008-00155297-05200008
IMPORTANT! in the communication field please write: "ANNA-RÉT DONATION"
In case of transfer from abroad:
IBAN number: U29 1200 1008 0015 5297 0520 0008.

More details about the life and diary of Sister Nathalie in English:

"Virgin Mary, Victorious Queen of the World, now show us your power!"

With love,
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit:

Istvan Ori-Kiss, on behalf of
The Atoning Family of the Children of the Holy Trinity
in Hungary

About the Children of the Holy Trinity:

Meriel Perez
4 months ago

God bless you, in my prayers.🙏

Miro Malček
4 months ago

Is this your email? are you anna shelley??? I want to ask you something.

4 months ago

When Our Lady says to pray the Rosary of Light , does mean we should be praying the Light/Luminous Mysteries?

I adore the Luminous Mysteries as these Mysteries reveal Christ's Ministry which I did not acknowledge prior to St Pope John Paul II instituting it.

5 months ago

En España

6 months ago

Hi Bertha the decades for the mystery of light are the following
1. The baptism of our Lord
2. The wedding at Cana
3. The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
4. The Transfiguration of our Lord
5. Institution of the Eucharist
Hope this helps

6 months ago

I have been wondering how, and where to learn about the Rosary of Light, can you please help me.
Thank you very much in advance